Whether you’re running a small local business or an international empire, when it comes to social media there are few key elements that no brand can afford to go without. Sure, choosing a couple of appealing filters can score your posts a couple of likes here and there, but if you want those likes to translate into actual sales and brand loyalty, you’ll need to try a litter harder.

You see, while the digital space is filled with great ads, shoppers have developed thicker skins over the years, tightening their fists and demanding even more from even their most beloved brands. A poorly designed print ad may have yielded great results in years gone by, but today’s consumers have grown a lot savvier and now, so must we. Curses.

These days, our customers want to feel thought of, loved even, and they expect brands to serve them a hot plate of tailored inspiration on the regular. Needy much? I mean, just give us your money and go! But alas, these guys are not as easily wooed, so let the wining and dining begin…

Here are a few things to keep in mind when building your brand on social media:

  1. Create a strategy

It might seem like an obvious pointer, but you’d be amazed how many brands change their minds based on the latest, shiniest social media trick they just saw in their feeds. And while there is undoubtedly need for agility in the digital realm, staying on point is one of the greatest things that you can do for your brand. Instead of posting just for the sake of it (or because someone else just did it), be sure that every message you post on social media ties back to your main objectives.

  1. Identify you audience

Different strokes for different folks. While you’d probably be happy to grab money from whatever source it eminates, social media doesn’t play that way. So it’s vital that you adjust your offering constantly based on what your audience is telling you. If your boring, generic sales posts aren’t performing as well as your more engaging offerings, switch things up. Give the people what they want, and they will do so in return.

  1. Use your voice

Many brands fail in the area of voice and tonality. Instead of using social media to give their brand a personality, businesses use generic sales-pitchy captions that merely state the obvious (if even that). Use your social media to bring your brand to life. Your audience loves to know that there are actual humans working behind the scenes, adding real flavour to their feeds.

  1. Measure what matters

Different campaigns have different objectives, so it’s important that you’re looking at the metrics that talk to your goals. If you’re looking to boost brand awareness, shares and friend tags may be an adequate barometer of success, but if your client’s coffers are emptier than the Cape’s dams, they’re likely to be less wowed by your ability to rally up non-paying followers.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Have you ever been stuck on an aeroplane seated next to someone who just will not shut up? Don’t be that guy. While supposed experts might have you believing that more is always merrier, when it comes to social media, subtlety is a wildly underrated tool. So while you shouldn’t be afraid to make your voice heard, remember that people will take you more seriously if you only speak when you have something to say.