They say that Facebook is one of the most economical ways for businesses to market their brands and products. This may be so, but that doesn’t mean that every cent is well spent. Sure, launching an online campaign that can reach thousands of people across the globe is far more affordable than placing a billboard on your local highway, but that’s no reason to go about it carelessly.

At the end of the day every buck adds up, and as a marketing manager, it’s up to you to ensure that you are spending them wisely. To avoid tossing your budget straight down the toilet, be sure to dodge these common rookie errors when setting up your next Facebook campaign.

Here you go:

  1. Lame imagery

Always make sure that the images you use are showing off your brand and products in the best possible way. Your images should reinforce your message and inspire your audience to find out more. We already know that posts with images perform much better than those without, but so does everyone else. It’s up to you to catch the attention of your customers as they scroll through their already packed news feeds.

  1. Stop trying to be too cool for school

Facebook is well known for its ability to spring surprises on unsuspecting social managers – oh look, canvas ads! But didn’t we just come to terms with the art of the carousel? Naturally, it’s tempting to jump on the proverbial bandwagon and ensure your page is bang on trend, but just because the cool kids are doing it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily effective. Remember, your audience is also just trying to keep up with Facebook’s trickery, meaning that new-fangled ad formats often struggle early on to get the traction that their more familiar counterparts are able to garner. So keep an eye on those results, and make sure you’re using your ads for the right reasons.

3. No Call-To-Action

The easiest way to see that hard-earned money go to waste is to place ads without adding a relevant call-to-action. So you’ve got their attention – now what? Sadly, businesses cannot pay their bills with comments and likes, even if they do tally in the thousands. Remember to always use your ads to encourage sales and sign ups.

4. Broad targeting

We all hope to see a hefty figure when pulling up our reach and impression stats, but if you’re targeting decadent cake ads to the elite fitness community, chances are you’re not going to see much in the way of ROI. To boost sales and grow a relevant following, make sure you’re targeting those who’ll take an interest in your product, your brand and its values.

5. Boring landing pages

There’s nothing more disappointing to a customer than to click on a great ad and be directed to a sub-standard landing page. It’s like being invited to a lush event, only to be handed a cold and limp savoury snack upon your arrival. Getting your customers to your site is only half the job. Make sure your webpage is one worth landing on

6. No product availability

Far too often, social media managers set up their campaigns with pre-set start and end dates before riding off into the sunset, with no intention of giving them another glance until they reach completion. Don’t be that guy. Unless you want to leave your customers with a bitter taste in their mouths, we suggest that you hang about and keep a close eye on your stock levels. Once the product runs out, turn off the advert and re-allocate your remaining budget. There’s simply no use in creating a demand when your business can no longer offer up the goods.