In creative circles, one tends to be assessed based on the clout of one’s client list, something that often results in a passive-aggressive wave of name dropping that can be tiresome to say the least. But sadly, name-dropping can only get you so far, and there’ll come a point when people start to wonder “…but who exactly are you?”.

Far too many agencies find it easy wave their clients’ flags, hiding behind the names and reputations of those who are listed on their beloved retainer list. But wouldn’t it be great to introduce your company, knowing that its name carries its own weight? Yep. It’s time for you to start batting for your own team.

Sure, pushing your services may not seem like an all too thrilling task from the outset, and you may find yourself gasping for air as those non-billable hours begin to stack up, but maybe you should look at those hours more as an investment than as money thrown at a non-profit side project.

While devoting a day to uplifting your own business may seem like a luxury you can’t afford, if you look at the bigger picture, you’ll see why treating your own brand like an actual client can save you time and ultimately boost your bottom line. Here’s why:


  1. Expertise count for more than clients

While it may seem pretty cool to be able to throw about some well known brand names, it’ll never come close to actually showing people what you’ve got. After all, without clear evidence of your capabilities, people are more likely to assume that you’ve cosied your way up to the big boss in a less than ethical fashion, or that the marketing manager is your second cousin once removed. Let your expertise speak for you, and you’ll never have to run your mouth again.

  1. Build your own brand

Sure, building other brands may be what brings the money in each month, but without establishing your own brand you’re only in it for short-term success. By committing time to developing your own brand and business, you can put your best work on full display and be recognised for your mad skills. Why wait to be asked what you can do? By demonstrating your expertise in your own way, you can hop off your clients’ backs and stand on your own credentials.

  1. Bring in more business

Striving to be the best in your field only really counts if people know who you are. When you dedicate time and effort to building your brand, you are able to make the introduction and put your best foot forward. Using your own channels to demonstrate your skills and creative flair is the simplest way to show new businesses what you’re capable of – so why waste the opportunity to be discovered?